Junaiz K.
Founder & CMD
Poshop, Islamic boutique

Welcome to the Poshop’s Islamic Boutique Experience in Ethnic Wear!
Established in 2007, in the South Indian metropolis of Bangalore, Karnataka state, with branches at Erode, in Tamil Nadu state, Poshop’s Islamic Boutique is the one-stop-shop for a complete range of ethnic-apparel fashion for women seeking Muslim traditional wear. Poshop’s Islamic Boutique also offers a broad range of accessories from handbags, purses, hijabs, scarves, stoles and much more. It is no surprise, therefore, that Poshop’s-Islamic Boutique is a trusted name in South India when it comes to:

• Ethnic apparel that encompasses both Muslim tradition and contemporary styles within the framework of the modest, yet compelling, etiquette of the Islamic dress code.
• Stunning range of textures, colors, fabric, motifs, embroidery patterns and designs.
• Customization and alteration services on almost any apparel on sale.
• Affordable pricing that caters to almost all categories of buyers.

Shopping at Poshop’s Islamic Boutique

Last, but certainly not the least, Poshop’s Islamic Boutique offers its customers a quality of service that is second to none in the ethnic wear industry in south India. Poshop’s Islamic Boutique vouches for each and every one of its products with customer satisfaction guaranteed right through – and after – every purchase. So every customer is happily aware that irrespective of whether it is an Abaya that is being ordered or even a whole wardrobe of unique Hijabs, Jilbabs, Khimars,
stoles and shawls, the entire crew of highly motivated service staff at Poshop’s Islamic Boutique is always at hand to assist in transforming the shopping experience into a pleasant and satisfying one. With several years of experience in the manufacturing of ethnic wear and hand-crafted products for the traditional Islamic clothing industry, the core management team at Poshop’s Islamic Boutique, has converted a small-scale business into a leading member of the best in the manufacturing and
distribution of Muslim traditional wear, costume jewelry and ladies’ fashion accessories in south Indian markets. As may thus be seen, Poshop’s Islamic Boutique has always striven to offer its customers great value for their money. The trust that has come with this approach has been as real as it has been enduring. Repeat buyers are definitely not a novelty at Poshop’s Islamic Boutique.


Iffah brand of Abaya: Brilliance in Fabric

At Poshop’s Islamic Boutique, an impressive variety of hand-made fabrics are routinely employed together with crafting methods such as sand-casting, enameling, etching and hand embroidery, to mention just a few, in making a spectacular brand of Abaya. The result is an amazing and brilliant range of choices that not only match the much-coveted traditional look, but also enhances it. The unique and registered Iffah brand of Abaya has been developed at Poshop’s Islamic Boutique with exactly this product objective in mind.

Products that hold a Sense of the Sacred

To be sure, Poshops’ Islamic Boutique brings its customers products of tradition and value which will be treasured for long and which may, in time, be handed over to succeeding generations of value-minded end users who cherish the sense of the sacred in their lives.

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Factorypo-shop-webPoshop’s Islamic Boutique Factory:
Towards Fashion with the Personal Touch

At the POSHOP-Islamic Boutique factory in Bangalore – a work space with multiple assembly lines and manufacturing units that cover an area of more than three thousand square feet – textile artisans and craftsmen work in tandem to bring out products of high quality. Almost all products at POSHOP-Islamic Boutique are the result of hand-crafted effort such as hand-woven textiles, hand-block printing and hand-embroidery